Core Values

We deliver world-class solutions by ensuring quality across all our processes,
outputs, in management, core and support process.

Deliver Wow through ideas.
We want to wow our clients with our ideas. We believe anything worth doing—from customer service, to strategy or design, should have WOW factor.

Be passionate and determined.
Mectone have a passion for our industry, our clients, and our company culture. We believe in what we are doing and where we are going, and our enthusiasm shows in our attitudes and our work.

Be resourceful and open minded.
We seek out innovation and new ideas. We are open minded, and never rule out ideas or suggestions, because having an open mind gives us the best, most creative results.

Embrace and drive change.
We are always thinking of ways to change processes, perspectives, and opinions, hopefully for the better. We enjoy challenges, and we enjoy growing and changing for the better.

Be creative.
We are idea people, and our studio is a place where creativity is encouraged and embraced. Ideas are the core of our business, whether coming up with “out of the box” solutions, or finding new marketing ideas for clients..

Build a positive team and family spirit.
Our best decisions and ideas are made when we are surrounded by people who respect and care for each other. Mectone have a positive and optimistic attitude, because this inspires everyone around them. This family spirit is shared with our clients, and we strive to build relationships with everyone we work with.

Live with integrity.
We are compassionate and loyal, and never make decisions that go against our “gut feeling”. We are never dishonest or unethical with each other, our suppliers, or our clients.

Create fun and a little weirdness.
Mectone love to have fun. We have a great sense of humor and we know that it’s healthy to laugh. We work hard, but we always look for ways to incorporate fun and a little weirdness into our day.

Pursue growth and knowledge.
Mectone never stop learning and growing. We don't want anyone to feel stuck in a rut, and are constantly looking for ways to challenge ourselves to learn, grow and push the boundaries of what we think we can do.

Communicate openly and honestly.
Our honesty when interacting with others leads to strong relationships built on trust. We always encourage and welcome positive, open and honest communication.